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How do I change the color of the sky?

An ominous green gloom of the necromancer's tower. The eternal orange of Mars. The red mist of the war ridden battlefields. How can it be done? I ask of nothing small, but the answer it would benefit us all. Which folder must I open? Which piece of code to modify? Which software must be loaded? Which codes have to be broken? Wizards of the Web, Masters of the Code, I beg you tell me. This information, would start up awesome mode.

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I fear thine information is mercilesly outdated and 'tis no longer valid.

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GoatEclipse answered:

There are mods for this, I believe. I might be wrong, and some may be outdated.
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Arc3us answered:
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Code_Name_Bacon answered:

You can try using a texture pack, I believe some change the sky but I'm not all that sure. You can create a texture pack too. I'd say thats your best bet right now.
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