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Asked: 3 years ago

Fun mod?

im thinkinG about getting a new mod do you guys know any mods that would make my minecraft fun ?.

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ALL right thx man.

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Check out this show, most of the videos show a lot of interesting mods.

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I suggest the Technic pack, but you do have to downgrade to 1.7.3, or the yogbox is great too, but idk what version that's at. Just google them, theyll be one of the first suggestions

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Tekkit or anything to do that involves HeroBrine or Explosions

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I"ve got a fun mods for you:- Galacticraft ( so you can build rocket into space)
- Hexxit ( so you can travel into dimensional doors, ride chocoobo , fight in the battle tower, loot pirate ship, and more). - Shapeshifter ( so you can transform into another mobs like enderman which has ability to teleport, silverfish. Which can spawn minion and more.
- And the last one the Team Crafted mod ( if you love youtuber like Skydoesminecraft, MinecraftUniverse, Ssundee, BajanCanadian, Asf Jerome, HuskyMudkipz.) You can find them and tame them also you can kill them to get special items.Truemu: drops jetpack, BajanCanadian: hunger games bow, huskymudkipz: his head and more. That's all the fun mod I"ve ever heard and good luck.

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