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Asked: 3 years ago

Stopping enemies spawning in my house?

Ok,my house is a large,well lit house mainly made out of wood with some cobblestone.But every time i sleep i wake up with a skeleton or a zombie beside me.The house has a few 4x4 glass covered windows and a pair of double doors.The walls are only one block thick but my bed is 11 blocks up,on a third floor.if i try move the bed away from a wall i wake up with nothing in the house but its still night.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Ive tried it,my bed is two blocks away from the wall but im still attacked when i wake up.If I place slabs around my bed then as I said there are no enemies but its still night.Also I have at least 16 torches around the room

Accepted Answer

From: Fast_Eddie_2 3 years ago

Your whole house must be brightly lit. mobs can spawn at light level 7. and the base level of a torch is 14. Do your math, and make sure that every block in AND around your house is at light level 8 or above, and that there are no open doors or ways into your house. If there's open ways into your building then mobs 'could' spawn there and so the game will place them next to your bed when you wake up.

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Your house has to be brightly lit 2 blocks away from the wall and there has to be no way any mob can spawn.

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Make sure you have no double doors.Theres a glitch where if you have double doors enemies can spawn in.

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make an Up-stairs bed room and make sure that your roof is very well lit and dont over do the size of the bed room and make sure the bed room is well lit .

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It's the double doors. Either place your bed in a room without double doors (and well-lit, not near the walls, etc) or use the Somnia mod which revamps the sleeping system by actually simulating the time you are asleep.

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Place torches outside your house so that none spawn near it either. I used to have the same problem but i put torches all around the house and it fixed my problem. Hope it works for you.

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Make your bedroom relatively small and light it well.
Also, place glass around your bed and sleep with your sword. Mobs cant spawn on glass and if they do spawn, then you can kill them and get bones, arrows and rotten flesh.

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