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Hunger bar?

In the new, 1.8 Adventure Update, Notch introduced a hunger bar which depletes every so often. It also heals your hearts half a heart every 5 seconds. But what I want to know is, if the hunger bar is gone, does that mean you'll starve to death or you just won't heal anymore?

Accepted Answer

benjaminkc answered:

Depends on the difficulty level you are playing on.

Easy - Starve down to 5 hearts
Normal - Starve down to 1/2 heart
Hard - Starve to death

Also, the natural healing only occurs if your hunger bar is at least 8.5 / 10.
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FlameLordKanti answered:

Once the hunger bar completely depletes you will start to lose health slowly and will, eventually, die. You only regenerate health when your hunger bar is either completely full or missing only 1.5 bars.
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