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What people mean with "capturing animals"?

I have been on the board and i keep hearing about being able to capture an animal? can someone give me good information about how this works?

im having problem making animals spawning where i want to, capturing animals sounds like it will ease my problem here.

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benjaminkc answered:

Arc3us answer is only correct for Beta 1.7.3 and earlier.

As of Beta 1.8, animals only spawn when chunks are first generated.

There isn't a very good way to "capture" them right now, nor is there much reason to, other than getting prepared for future updates. In (hopefully) 1.9, animals will breed, so getting a bunch and penning them up together will give you a renewable source of meat, leather, etc.

Note that even in 1.8, you can kind of do this with chickens. Pen them in, collect the eggs they lay, throw the eggs into the pen as well, and some of those will hatch into more chickens.

As for <i>how</i> to capture an animal, right now, you can:
1) Build a pen around it, such as with fences
2) Use a fishing pole to pull it into a pen you have built elsewhere
3) Push it into a minecart and transport it that way

Perhaps the 1.9 update will add an easier way to capture animals.

Note that Notch has said that the 1.9 update has been split into 1.9 and 1.10, so the animal breeding might not be present even in 1.9.
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Arc3us answered:

You can't capture animals but you can make a animal farm, just build a huge flat land of grass but away from other grass so you can get maximum spawning.
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