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Why doesn't animal spawn in my farm?

I already created myself a farm but why doesn't animal spawn in it? I already place grasses in it as well as torches. But so far it's still empty.

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benjaminkc answered:

Grass and torches made animals spawn up through version 1.7.3.

With 1.8, animals only spawn when chunks are first generated. (There is a very small chance of them respawning, but it is so small that you're likely to never have it happen.) The only way to get more animals is by exploring new chunks, or hatching chicken eggs (1 in 8 chance when thrown).

1.9 will likely have a way to breed animals -- Notch was working on getting it in for 1.9 pre-release 2.
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Emical_Fire answered:

It could be perhaps that it's not big enough. Try expanding the farm a bit and make sure it is always well lit. Animals should spawn like once per game day
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MarioMan12598 answered:

Well you could make the farm bigger. They will spawn where there is grass and light. The thing I know is, having I think 10-15 wolves will prevent mobs from spawning. Don't be impatient - also playing on Hard mode will cause animals come to light, or (since they spawn on light) just have it at night. They can spawn in the farm specifically because there is only light there.
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