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Asked: 3 years ago

I need to create a new world in order to play with the 1,9 updates?

I have a world that I created in the 1,8 version, now i downloaded the 1,9. I need to create a new world to play with the new mobs, itens, etc?

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They'll all be there, but if there are new landscape features, you'll have to go out and generate new chunks

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The 1.8 world that you have is rendered in 1.8, but that isn't a problem because there aren't any major render updates in 1.9. If you still have problems, wait to see when the official update is released.

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This isn't a big problem unless you travel very far out. For any generated chunks before 1.9 there will be no 1.9 features but any 1.9 or lower versions features. So just travel a little bit far out. There should be a wall of random terrain when the 1.9 features start to generate so watch out for that! Otherwise you won't be able to get 1.9 features. Hope this helped :)

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