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What is the best strategy for achieving/maintaing minecart speed?

What is the best way to achieve/maintain terminal velocity in a minecart?
Right now, I am using a system like this:
to power my tracks from base to base, but it's not working on the return trip, and I'd like to avoid littering my track with powered rails.
So... do I just need a few dozen more repeaters, or is there something else I can do?

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pstwoorbust answered:

Well, the momentum buildup increases slower over time, so at a point you hit the limit of momentum. The best way, which does include more rails, is to put 3 to start on (Cart starts at full speed) and then follow the following pattern for near max speed trip:
37 rails, 1 powered, 37 rails, 1 powered...... and you can just use a lever to turn the powered rails on.

Honestly you don't need to litter the track with them unless you are pushing chest minecarts or empty minecrafts, which require a powered rail every 8 blocks for max speed.

You can increase the distance between the powered rails more, but it will slow down more over time.
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vladic1212 answered:

I didn't look at your video, but If your heading up hill, add 2 extra powered tracks in the middle if the railway, its all I can give you... Its the best thing to do...
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Nakana7 answered:

Every 10 rails add a powered rail and put a redstone torch next to it.
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