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Do monsters still attack in creative mode?

I was just wondering if creepers etc. are attacking at night?

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gamecreatorj answered:

In the latest version of the game (1.2.5) monsters will not attack unless provoked (attacked) after they you attack they will attack you just as they would in survival mode. aka creepers will explode if they get too close. they will not do any damage to you but they can still harm the envernment around you. if you do not attack the non passive mobs will ack as though you wern't even there
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The_Skelli answered:

Monsters don't attack unless you provoke them, I think.
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benjaminkc answered:

As of 1.9 Pre-release 5, they are not supposed to, but I believe spiders still do.
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legobrick12 answered:

Yes, they attack you, but they don't do any damage. They just sort of push you around.
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ROB123987 answered:

Monsters sort of attack you, they will start chasing you if you get to close, but skeletal archers (what ever the're called) wont fire arrows, creepers won't explode, (unless you hurt them) monsters will wake you up if they hit you, and in 1.0.0 you cant sleep if there too close.
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nnmmegaparty answered:

well it's 1.0.0 now. Hostile mobs will attack but you will not take damage. The creepers will explode, the skeletons will shoot at you, ghasts will shoot the fireballs, blazes will shoot the fire at you, the other stuff will just push you around.
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MarioMan12598 answered:

After 1.9 Pre-Release 5, monsters do not attack you in any way unless you make physical contact with them (attacking), but now they just act as if you weren't there. If you DO hit them, they will do what they normally do, but obviously still can't hurt you. Some mobs STILL do not respond, even if you do hit them, because I've seen that Ghasts, Slimes, and Silverfish do not do anything about it, but the other hostile mobs will.
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letsgopitt89 answered:

Nope, you can kiss the creepers if you want to
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Skyrim1012 answered:

No Unless you attack them
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deathangel956 answered:

When you are in creative mode, whether it is on easy, medium or hard difficulty, mobs will attack or try to attack you when you attack them, but they will not damage you. However, creepers do blow up if you attack them, but you also won't be damaged.
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SuperSonic23456 answered:

Monsters will only attack in creative if you provoke them
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Sinisevil answered:

In creative, monsters will come and try to attack as always if they find you unless you turn on peaceful. But they can't kill you on the game, they just push around. Creepers, though, will still blow up and will destroy things that you made. The reason of why you can't possibly get killed is of how the game won't support health when you play.
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HGNDiego answered:

In Creative Mode,Monsters will spawn,There's a chance for them attacking you Like Creepers Even your in Creative mode when you go beside him or near him,Endermans too I think they attack you just look on their eyes then they will Push you around, If you want no Monsters? Go in Peaceful bro
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nes1player answered:

No, if you hit them, then yes
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GameGuru_96 answered:

As of Version 1.2.5, monsters will NOT attack at all in Creative mode unless provoked by hitting them. Mobs will still attack other viable targets (Villagers, Snow Golems etc.) in Creative mode, so Villages will still be raided by zombies on most nights. You can also stare at Endermen without them attacking you as well!

Hope this answered your question!
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Shadowknight70 answered:

No, but I wish they did.
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hadesfarm answered:

No, unless if you hit them.
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Angie12138 answered:

No monsters like zombies, creepers, endermen (Big black people: Monsters) will only attack u if u attack them so don't worry about them chasing u at night in creative mode they might stare at u for a moment but then they will walk away not interested but in survival mode they will not just stare at u they will then start chasing u! I don't know why but my brother suggested they chase u for fun. (Then kill u aftar chasing u)
If they do I certainly have no idea why monsters chase and kill u for fun because it isn't really my idea of fun!
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Unreal_Playa56 answered:

None of the mobs attack unless you attack them....Even if you do attack them, you take exactly 0 hearts of damage....Not only that, but you no longer need to fill up your hunger bar AT ALL (Mainly because the Health and Food Bar HUD is not visible)...You can destroy ANY kind of block in one touch (Only that you don't receive the block you destroyed), When you open up your inventory (Press "E") you get a list of ALL the blocks in minecraft (Which is pointless to use if you have the Too Many Items mod, since you get a list of all minecraft items....And then some....). If you press the jump key (Should be Space) about three times, you can fly as high as you want, you can also fall from whatever height and not take damage. One word of caution, if you destroy the Bedrock layer using Creative, you CAN fall out of the world and still take damage from it...If you're lucky, you can fly out of it, but it's pretty difficult to do that..
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EpicMoviez_1 answered:

They will not even if you attack them but even if they do u cant die unless you fall out of the world
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