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Well, i was on this lets play on youtube and the person said that there was an update with several new tipes of mobs and he showed several, Trols, lions, bears, horses, and this flying thing kind of like the flares but in the overworld they looked like ghosts. When I got minecraft premium i couldnt find any of these things. Also he showed a battle tower, a tall obsidian tower with a golem on top. are these real? if so, how do you find them.

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i'm sure it's not a texture pack and thank you benjaminkc. I will try doing what yuo said as soon as i get my laptop fixed, right now im using my 3ds and i cant run minecraft on it.

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From: benjaminkc 3 years ago

Most of the mobs you mentioned are part o the Mo' Creatures mod. Not yet updated to for Minecraft 1.0, so this thread has the Beta 1.8.1 version. Link greatly mangled because links are banned from the Answers section, remove all newlines to make it work:

Battle Towers is its own mod, which hasn't been updated since Beta 1.7.3:

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As far as i know that's the mo' creture mod

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Im pretty sure it's from SlyFoxHound's Sphax texture pack.

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Probably in the Aether World.

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