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Mob trap technical difficulties?

I built a mob trap that works in every way EXCEPT spawning mobs. I have been trying to work it out but nothing is happening. In 5 days (real life) i have had one skeleton spawn in the entire 30x30 trap. Its dark, so dont say i need to remove torches. All tips welcome.

ninjarathalos provided additional details:

My mob trap is below ground, 24 levels down from sea level. The canals are 26 Levels down. I have already lit up all the caves around the area.

ninjarathalos provided additional details:

I stand 24 blocks above the spawn pads.ill try making a stand above the killing system, and see if that helps. if not, then more suggestions pls.


Rishuvud answered:

Is it above ground? If so then there might be caves under ground that are dark where mobs can spawn, There can only be 200 Units (Mobs and such) at once that is why chickens (If you have a chicken farm) de-spawn if you walk away to far. Anyway, Try going under ground and placing torches in every cave you find.

Hope this complicated message helps. >:P
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pstwoorbust answered:

Where are you standing waiting for the mobs to spawn? Mobs don't spawn withing a 32 block radius of your character. So if you are standing too close to the trap, nothing will spawn *except with dungeon spawners*. Try standing farther horizontally from the trap.
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