Question from nazacuckoo

Do I have to keep my computer on to keep a server running?

I was always wandering how to make a minecraft multiplayer server, so I asked my uncle today how to make one and he says
that to have a server up in any game you need to leave your
computer on the whole time or the server will get deleted.

Is this the same with minecraft?
So, to make a multiplayer world
I need to leave my computer on the whole time?

Please help!


Ace2910 answered:

Yes you do, but the server saves when you close it, just make sure to close it by typing "stop" (without quotes) in to the console.
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benjaminkc answered:

The world won't get deleted (as long as you shut it down properly) but no one will be able to connect to it when it's not up and running.
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dagamerbos1045 answered:

You only have to keep minecraft server on
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