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I want to build a desktop to play this and other games. But, I know nothing about sound cards or video cards. All I'm sure about is the processor a.k.a. CPU. The Intel i7 2700K. Can you recommend some parts?

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What if I just use a 450W power supply? And I might even max out my cpu to 32 gb of ram. Any problem running 32 gigs? And, what's LGA 1155? Sorry I'm not a geek. I was just focused on the CPU.

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I already know what 1155 is now, I was watching some videos right now. Can you recommend a cooler?

Kellexx asked for clarification:

450w is not enough to power a good video card (like the ones I mentioned). The lowest I would go is 600w, which is cutting it short.

Do NOT get 32gb of RAM. That is an absolute waste. You won't need more than 8gb (tops) for the life of your PC, I can guarantee that. Adding RAM will not improve anything.

With regards to a cooler, the CPU will come with one. Just use that. Upgrading the cooler is only needed if you're overclocking, which you don't need to do with that beast of a CPU as it is.

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And what about the Cpu 3930K from intel? any mobo changes?

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Here's my ULTIMATE current planned setup: 1600 watt power supply, a surge protector (I live in an apartment), i7 3960X, ASUS R4E, 64 GB RAM @ DDR3 1600, a Corsair Force GT 480 GB SSD, the 1 TB VelociRaptor, the most spacious flash drive you can get (256 GB so i can transfer this game and others between my PC and a gaming laptop), a custom water cooling loop, a Blu-Ray burner with DVD/CD read/write also, 4X ASUS GTX 670 DCII (I call my PC ultimate for a reason), and the whole nine yards. I, personally am fine with overkill, or, I should say, I WANT overkill because I'm going to be multitasking, BLOWING UP CRAPLOADS OF TNT, and playing more intensive games. I posted the question here because at the time I thought that this would be the most intensive game. But, I guess not.

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Now, I changed the video cards to MSI Lightning GTX 680 in 4-way SLI.

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Now my cards are EVGA Classified 680's.

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Never mind, I guess I'm building a PC at Digital Storm.
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Kellexx answered:

Motherboard: Must be LGA 1155 socket for that CPU.

RAM: Go with 4gb or 8gb (depending on budget) of 1333hz or 1600hz. Don't really need anything faster. If you go with 1600, make sure the mobo supports it without overclocking. Most current mobos support 1333.

Video Card: Minecraft is not demanding on the video card. Any current card will run it fine. If you want something good, get at least 1gb. Nvidia GTX 560s are good. AMD 6870 is about equivalent.

Power Supply: Get something around 700 watts. Nothing more is needed unless you want two video cards.

Hard drive: I'd recommend Western Digital Caviar Black or Blue. How much space is up to you.

Case: Any ATX full tower. Mid towers get cramped with the latest video cards

Sound card: You only need an actual sound card if you're planning on doing some audio work or hooking up to surround sound. If you want that, just make sure it's 5.1 or 7.1 depending on what your audio system is.

For brands, ASUS is good for pretty much everything. Patriot, Corsair, or Mushkin are good RAM brands. You can find everything on
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