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Who's Herobrine?

I saw ssome videos on youtube and a buttload of comments said something about him. Who is he?

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So, I also heard he spawns sometimes and kills you or takes you to his lair. Is that true?

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And tell me if you see him in the full game, because I have a feeling my classmates/enemies are just trying to scare me away from the game......

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wickedblooper answered:

He is real, but only with the use of mods. There is one exception, though. Very, VERY rarely will someone download minecraft and that copy would have Herobrine implemented. Sadly, I'm one of those people. (:[
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Nintendude128 answered:

Urban legend. Supposedly, Notch's dead brother, now a part of the game. Looks like the default 'Steve' skin with white eyes. The original 'Herobrine' in the screenshots floating around was a retextured iron door.
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Skyrim1012 answered:

Herobrine has watched people follow people on minecraft (1.0.16-1.0.0) Since Then people were freaked out of him and about half of the people who played minecraft Then didn't play but people who weren't scared kept playing. Herobrine is Nocth's dead brother, I have seen him once on multiplayer, I was mining through everywhere looking for diamonds as usual but i saw theis ladder conneted with redstone torches i went down it and in there i saw Herobrine He stood there looking at me but didn't move and i saw diamonds so i went over there and he said "Only god can save you now" and he disapeared and tryed to block me in luckly i used the consle command to get to my house. They said they got ris of Herobrine About 10 times Till 1.0.0 then he was gone forever.
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dibbion answered:

Yeah, supposedly u could go into a random house, go downstairs, come back upstairs as though to leave the house, see him, he'd kill u, and every block within 50 blocks would break in fire. Even the STONE would burn! But, he was supposedly removed when Notch updated the game, and he's not a part of it anymore. I heard this from some guy who has minecraft or has heard of the Herobrine incident and felt it to be real. I don't know.
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Iamlucas23 answered:

Herobrine is a hoax made by a troll.Many updates say "removed herobrine".It's notch's way of trolling and also his way of shutting up people who kept asking about him.He looks like the default steve skin with lifeless, white eyes.There's 2 versions of him,first, the stalker version, this one would lock the player in his special dungeons to steal their, the miner version, this one is way more of a jerk.He lights trees on fire, steals items from your chests, ad (MAYBE)burn down players houses.Many videos have been made about this suspesios character.
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WTFJ0SePh answered:

Herobrine is a myth in minecraft, a non liveable devil/god who rains terror on you... Herobrine can be real though, you must download the Herobrine mod and put 2 gold blocks on bottom, herobrine block in middle (obtained only with TMI or toomanyitems) and Netherrack on top...
like this

Nether rack
Herobrine Block
Gold Block
Gold Block
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VarietyofGamez answered:

It's a Creepypasta story. He is supposedly Mark Notch's dead brother that haunts the game, messes up your creations, and tries to kill you in the game. He looks like the basic Steve skin except his eye are white. There have also been Herobrine mods created and released if you want to actually experience it. But don't forget: Herobrine is watching you....
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girantina1799 answered:

I think Herobrine is just a player who gave him/herself a mod that lets you play on other peoples worlds without them knowing. There is a username on a named Herobrine. That came from minecraft wiki.

P.S. True Story. I was playing on a server, just punching wood. Then all of a sudden, I heard a ghast, a blaze, and an explosion at the same time. At first I thought it was a bug. Next thing i knew, there were sheep everywhere. I headed back to my base (I was on a faction server) and saw my faction getting killed by nothing. A second later, I was in trapped in TNT. I heard "tsssssssssss" and saw in the chat "Hasta la vista, super_ball." and then I blew up. I want to go back to the server, but it's a hardcore server, so I was banned, along with my faction. True story.
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DragonCat1 answered:

HeroBrine... Where to begin... i will start with the legend, He is portrayed as a immortal, miner/killer/god of trolls/redstone expert. it is said that he cuts the leaves off trees, but leaves the trunk, it is also said that he kills you on sight. My version is that he is immortal a miner and a master of redstone, but the similarities stop there. i believe he is the Ultimate Hacker, and has similar characteristics to the old version of creepers, and wolves. i also think that disk 11, is his final moments, while he was 'still alive'. the descriptions match correctly. now, wickedblooper, i believe that you are actually LUCKY that he exists on your game. if you want to know more about HeroBrine, look on the wiki.
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fezbot552 answered:

Herobrine Is A Program In The Game Which Is Meant To Have Honor And Respect For Notch's Dead Brother. The Chances Meeting Him Is Around .001%. If You Were To Meet Him He Is Most Likely To Run Away. He May Or May Not Attack You
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malameh34 answered:

Heirobein is real but he live in hell under the ground under the lava
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w00tmudkip13 answered:

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!???????? You don't know who HEROBRINE is!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!??!??!?! He a myth. -__-
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Magicwolf2 answered:

HEROBRINE IS A MITH! Go ahead and type HEROBRINE Three times in minecraft NOTHING WILL HAPPEN I promise I've tried it.
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supermegaman9 answered:

My story I was sleeping then I find red torch when wake up
Then I run I find some guy he started punch Steve come and
Punch me so hard then I fall and died about herobrine
They says he notch dead brother
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dagamerbos1045 answered:

Herobrine is a guy in minecraft with a default skin but no eyes
and was probably a bug in the game
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ash991 answered:

Idiot minecraft spy, not notches dead bro, but real. Minecraft claims to not do anything with him, but he is everywhere. Won't kill u no more tho.
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ImmortalD17 answered:

Herobrine is said to be a copy of the main character and also notch's brother. he is also said to be a DEMONSPAWN. his eyes are glowing white find a picture or a video to see.
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Joseph6241 answered:

Herobrine will show up in your game if there are thirteen lightning strikes.
Herobrine will set stuff on fire all the time.
Herobrine is not mortal.
Herobrine can not die.
Herobrine is watching you...
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