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How do I build a portal to the Aether?

I've heard that it's the same as building a portal to the Nether, but instead of obsidian and flint and steel, you use glowstone and water to create a portal to the Aether. I've also heard that it's a mod that you have to install, but I'm not sure if that's the case.

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I've tried that, but it doesn't work. I'll try again, just to be sure.

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And I just so happen to be talking about the AETHER!!!

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No, what mod is it? And, more importantly, how do I install mods for minecraft?

dibbion provided additional details:

No, what mod is it? And more importantly, how do I install mods for minecraft?

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brock147 answered:

Since none of these guys can answer a question. Heres what you need to know, go to the minecraft forums, and hit the search bar and search for that mod. If you dont know how to install mods there is a spot on the wiki about how to install mods. You will need Winrar or somthing like it, and you will need to download modloader. Hope this helps
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go525 answered:

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shadowfeind136 answered:

Do you even have the mod to use it
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Baneblade_550 answered:

You do need to install the mod actually...
Making an Aether portal is like a nether portal.....
It just uses glowstone instead of obsidian and water instead of flint n' steel
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WTFJ0SePh answered:

The Aether is a mod... You can only get it with the mod, but the mod is no longer supported ever since 1.2.3 so you must find an older version of minecraft and download/install the mod yourself
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burnouttrainer answered:

The Aether is a mod... What mod? the Aether mod, of course!
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girantina1799 answered:

Well first of all, I don't think they're going to update it anymore.
1. Get Minecraft 1.2.5
2. Install Minecraft Forge
3. Install Player API
4. Install Aether
4a. The stuff in the "Jar" folder go in minecraft.jar
4b. The stuff in the "Resources" folder go into the "resources" folder in .minecraft
5. Run Minecraft
Note: The game may take a while to load. This is because at the main menu, the background is the world you last played.
6. Build aportal to the Aether using Glowstone instead of Obsidian and Water instead of Flint and Steel
Hope this helps!
P.S. I use Windows so that procedure may not be 100% correct.
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MakeYouDrop answered:

First get the mod so then you can make a aether portal when you have the mod make a glowstone portal like you would make a nether portal but when you make the shape get a water bucket then pour it in the portal then you can go to the after :)
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DragonCat1 answered:

Yes you are right, in how you build/activate it, and yes there is a mod required for it
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loxo1 answered:

Neeed mod and use water bucket and dont forget to take back water
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