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What does it mean?

So I've created my home in the ground on top of a mountain and I get to work turning it into a mine, and I go deep and I hit some iron and coal ores in the same place. Well, I also come across some gravel, and I get to work digging it up for flint. And I get a lot of room for mining, and I hear this sound, right? And of course, it sounds like wind, and it's spooky. But what does it mean?

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Maybe, but what if I told you that I'm playing at peaceful difficulty simply because it reduces lag?

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Oh! Gotcha there. I gotcha. I roger now.

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It's just ambiance. It happens when you go underground to mine for ores to smelt in your furnace to get better materials for crafting.

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chaosgamer99 answered:

It still happens in Peaceful mode. It's just ambiance, meaning there is a dark underground area around you. Doesn't matter what mode.
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Megeas answered:

Its ambiance. It happens when ever your underground or near areas that are dark. More often when there is a cave or some other area with mobs spawning in it.
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