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How to Fix This Server Connecting Error?

I have been playing on a friends server for that last few days, and this morning to now i can't join the server. When it searches for it it said:"can't reach server".

And when i go to join it, this pops up: No Route To Host: connect

Any way to fix this?
(P.S. this only started doing this, this morning)

Accepted Answer

FFolie answered:

Well first of all make sure you have the right ip adress. Make sure the ip is in the server list beside ip=. The ip can change sometimes so make sure you have the right one. Or solution 2 is that when you create the server you have the server lost, whitelist, world folder,etc. well delete everything but the world folder and the minecraft server. Then open the minecraft server again and let it remake the whitelist and other stuff . Type the ip back into the server properties and the try again
If this don't work I don't know what will:)
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