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Pipes and furnace?

How do you use pipes with a Furnace?

daftalive08 asked for clarification:

Could you tell us what pipes you're speaking of?

If you're simply asking how a furnace works; there should be three squares in which you can place items. One to the right, two to the left. You need to place whatever item you're attempting to smelt into the top left space and you need to put a fuel source (I.e. coal) into the bottom left space. The end product will appear in the right space after the arrow in the middle has loaded fully.

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dibbion answered:

I know this mod! It's the buildcraft mod! I can definitely help you out on this one! First, a wooden pipe on the quarry will draw out the mined material(s), and use (cobble)stone pipes to move it along. Then, diamond pipes can be used to make a sort of sorting system! Just left click (or right, depending on what hand you use to write, or in this case, use a mouse) on the pipe, and it will bring up an interface that has 6 colors: Red, blue, yellow, green, black, and white. Simply place a material into one of the spaces (it only takes one), to tell the pipe to send that material in the direction the color faces. Just have more pipes going this way, and by the way, green and yellow are opposites (correct me if I'm wrong on this), green west, yellow, east, red north, blue, south, black up, and white down. In your case, we want to have the materials you wish to smelt placed in the black spaces at the bottom of the interface, and put a fuel source (i.e. coal, as daftalive08 says) into whatever color is heading off toward the furnace while staying on the ground. You can put it a space away or right there next to the furnace, and the pipe will still work its magic. The materials will go to the appropriate slots, and you will get iron and gold ingots, depending on what is mined by your quarry. Hope this helps!
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Nintendude128 answered:

Pipe things into the top to put them in the smelting slot, into the bottom for the fuel slot, out of the side for output.
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AALjasonfox answered:

If you have buildcraft or tekkit, the pipes you need to pump items out are wooden pipes which need a redstone engine to activate.
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