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Villages in survival multiplayer?

Outside of using a flat map, me and several other people have had no luck finding villages in SMP. We've tried several different maps and various seeds, and we cannot seem to run into anything. Yet as soon as we load a single player map and fly around outside of spawn to test, we find villages almost immediately.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or are we having just the oddest coincidence of not running into villages in SMP?


Nintendude128 answered:

It could be that Generate Structures isn't on. Haven't looked at the newer servers, but I'd imagine you'd find it in the Properties file (assuming it's a vanilla server). If the seed from the SSP world doesn't have a village in the same place in SMP, dark forces are at work. Otherwise, it's probably coincidence.
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CoolKoopa15 answered:

Make sure the world is not a biome that villages can't spawn on. Villages can spawn on deserts and regular grass flat worlds. It could be that the world is not on generate structures.
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LOSTsilver answered:

Villages spawn is Plains or Deserts (And their variants as of 1.7), so unless your in the wrong biome (check with F3), either Generate Structures isn't on, or your just unlucky :/.
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