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Mod for me?

Is there a mod pack with equivilant echange, buildcraft,industrialcraft, thaumcraft, railcraft,logistics pipes,tmi,railcraft and red power?

Accepted Answer

chaosgamer99 answered:

There is a Modpack that has BuildCraft. Industrialcraft, Thaumcraft, Redpower, and Equivilant Exchange, and it's called Technic Pack

Downloadable at :

Too Many Items (TMI) breaks a lot of Mods, so, it isnt in a Mod pack, and I don't suggest downloading it ontop of Technic Pack (As it will break it, and need a redownloaded) Technicpack also has about 90 other mods on top of those, maybe some you like, others you can ignore and not use.

Hope that was helpful
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