Question from Rosiepossum

Can I find Herobrine in BETA Version .30?

Just wondering, I've been walking around for ages, and I haven't found him yet. I heard he likes the Snowy Area. Is that in .30? Also, he's basically the only reason I play this game anyway. I want to find him...and die, 'cause I'm a troll. *U MAD, BRO'?*
Back to seriousness. And, just so no-one says that he doesn't exist, I was at my friend's house and she ran into him. He ran away at first, and she followed him. When we thought we found Herobrine, he jumped out of a tree and killed her. WHAT A TROLL. He's mad, bro'.


dancnbna answered:

Herobrine doesn't exist. It's just a prank the experienced people pull on newbs.
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dagamerbos1045 answered:

He is only in certain updates I saw him on the xbox 360 behind a tree
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The_EpicTaco answered:

Herobrine is in NO existing version of Minecraft, neither the full version, the beta version, alpha, pocket, or XBox 360 versions, of the game let alone the beta 0.30 version. A being such as Herobrine isn't in the programming code (Java if you want to technical) for any version of Minecraft. Notch's (creator of Minecraft) Twitter posts and many Minecraft's updates have mentioned removing Herobrine but Notch has heard the rumours and has a keen sense of humor so these are obviously a joke. However there are many mods for Minecraft that feature Herobrine. If your really interested check them out.
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shadowspider337 answered:

Herobrine does not exist but you can make one by fusing enderman textures and the texture of steve.

P.S:He will be glitched but will look like herobrine. :D
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melvinjunodyyy answered:

1. Maybe the community is just seeing players with herobrine skins

2. In most updates Notes, You'll see:
"-Removed Herobrine"
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