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Asked: 2 years ago

World Generation Question?

I generated a creative map to make a building space box, but when they made superflat worlds, the building space box was useless. So i deleted the map and generated a survival map. To my surprise, it was the map i had just deleted! Can anyone tell me why this happened, and , if possible, how to manually do this? I don't think it was the world seed, i tried that.

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Are you sure you had changed it from creative mode? If so, try generating a new one or new area in the old one without deleting the old one.

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Probably it was a similar world, with that one area that was the same, it happens to me often, i tried a survival island seed and spawned on an island with no tree's. i made a new world(without seed) and it was the same island but with a tree, but idk why this happens.

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