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Asked: 2 years ago

End world...?

ok so i built a end portal and when i got there i was bored and didnt kill the dragon lol so since i have single player commands install i typed home to teleport back to spawn and all it did was send me flying high in the sky of End and i just keep going up and up and up and i cant figure out how to stop cuz i have this amaseing world and i dont want to delete it. someone please help me!!

Accepted Answer

From: Nintendude128 2 years ago

It seems it sent you to wherever your spawn coords correspond to in the End. Can't say for sure if SPC has any way out. In vanilla however, the only way out is death, yours or the dragon's.

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Yeah, Nintendude128 is right. You need to kill the enderdragon boss in order to leave the End.

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