Question from pogo5678

Why does the game keep freezing on me when I start it up?

Minecraft always freezes on me when I start it up. Any advice?

Nintendude128 asked for clarification:

How does it freeze? Does it give an error? Black screen of doom? Flat out crash?

pogo5678 provided additional details:

Its just a flat-out crash. It's stuck on the title screen, frozen.

Shamrock1996 asked for clarification:

Is it possible that you don't have enough space on your computer?


mjh410 answered:

How much RAM do you have? Do you have the correct version of Java installed. IE: 64bit if you have a 64bit OS and 32bit if you have a 32bit OS. Is it the most up to date version of Java? Maybe try removing Java and re-downloading it. Have you modded it? Are you running the vanilla Minecraft launcher or a third party launcher?
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