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1.32 Seeds?

How do you see what the seed of the world you are on in 1.32 ?


gameusurper answered:

Unfortunetaly, they now force you to at least enable cheat mode when you start a new game in order to be able to see seeds. You must type /seed with cheat mode enabled to see it. If you can resist the temptation to use the cheats go for it. There are thrid party downloadable utilities that allow you to scan your world to find out what seed it uses. That is how many discovered this information before 1.8.1. I've never used one though, so I can't give you any tips there.

If you already have a world created and want to see the seed for it, but don't want to hassle with third party stuff, you can always downgrade your copy of Minecraft to something before they made using cheat mode mandatory to see seeds, then go back to 1.3.2. Just make a copy of your world before you do this just in case so you don't lose anything or have it get screwed up. (Which it shouldn't)
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