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Why does the game keep telling me "Fatal Error (4) null"?

I already have a minecraft account, so all I have to do is download the launcher. Then I log in and what does it give me? A load of bull crap in the form of "Fatal Error (4) null". Why?

dibbion provided additional details:

I think I'll just use a thumb drive to fix the problem... thanks any way.

dibbion provided additional details:

No, actually, it doesn't, Dragoncat1. What you see is what it says, but now, I put in the information I'm supposed to, and it says log in failed, and I tend to notice that below the "Play offline" button, it says "Not downloaded". I wonder what it's trying to tell me. I log in to my account just to buy the game, but it says that the account is already premium. This piques my curiosity, and so I decided to go to mojang for some assistance, but I get nothing out of it. All I'm left with is this very site, which has helped me with most if not all of my gaming problems thus far.


Nintendude128 answered:

A quick googling suggests you should open your antivirus and disable Web Filtering, launch MC and make a world, save + quit and turn web filtering back on.
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DragonCat1 answered:

Does it say something about a mini dump? If so, give your some air cooling, shut it down (2 hour mininum), Then try not to push the combination of buttons/clicks you pressed about 2 sec. beforehand
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