Question from PCsebastianbach

Is invasion mod compatible with magic launcher?

I have repackaged and compressed all of the classes and textures of this mod and the status says OK, but when i load mine craft it does not seem to be there. I have done this without the textures and sound as well.

lavarathan asked for clarification:

For which version of minecraft are you trying to install the mod onto?

If it is the latest version then according to the install page on the minecraft forums you only need to install forge and then put the zip you downloaded into the mods folder that forge creates after launching minecraft once.

I have not used magic launcher, but I do know that MultiMC allows you to click a few buttons and have forge installed for you. From there you simply drag and drop the zip folder into the mods folder tab and close the Edit Mods window.


DragonCat1 answered:

Check the wiki
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