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Where are screenshots saved?

I know you press F2 to take them, but I dont know where they are saved, wheter it be the hard drive or the account, as I have not see a save directory when I take them or on the main menu (im still in V1.1)

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Cereborn answered:

On my computer, I can find them in Users >[name] >AppData >Roaming >.minecraft >screenshots

This is the default pathway that was created when I installed the game, so I assume it's the same for everyone.
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yenhen answered:

Same as what Cereborn said
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DragonCat1 answered:

These are the places that I know the screenshot(s) are saved in;
windows7, pc- Open your start, hit run, type in %appdata%, look in .minecraft, then it should be in your screenshots folder
Mac- I am not sure, but i think it is in either your library or your applications
Linux- I have absolutely no clue, just look on the Minecraft wiki
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jaiz412 answered:

On my laptop,I go to the .minecraft folder,look for screenshots, and there they are.
To get to .minecraft, you need to:
1)Press the start button.(usually bottom left of your screen)
2)Write in %appdata%
3)Select "Roaming".
4)Look for a folder called . minecraft and open it.
5)Look for a folder called "screenshots" and open it.
Then you can see your screenshots.

It should be like this for all Laptop's/Computer's but I am not entirely sure.
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SpilledTea93 answered:

Here's a tip you can copy the screenshots folder and save the copy to the desktop or your documents for easy access.
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