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Ender pearls?

Why I can't use them in creative mode?

DragonCat1 provided additional details:

I have version 1.2.5, if that helps

DragonCat1 provided additional details:

But i want to teleport-faster than flying

DragonCat1 provided additional details:

*sigh* i guess this means it's back to sprint-flying, from your answer, Supperman88, i take it i can use them in survival

Accepted Answer

Supperman88 answered:

In Minecraft 1.2.5, Ender pearls cant be thrown. IF you update to 1.4.2 (current), cheats will be auto-activated, and you can change to survival mode. NOTE: IF YOU DO THIS YOUR MAPS WILL BE RENDER UNPLAYABLE IN 1.2.5.
Alternate Solution: Install Single Player Commands for 1.2.5, and use that to switch gamemodes.
SPC is easy to install, as it will auto-install into your jar file.
Hope I Helped!!!
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dancnbna answered:

It would be pointless to use them because you can already fly.
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