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Asked: 2 years ago

Minecraft force update button help?

I clicked the force update button and then it doesn't do anything, I'm still new to minecraft right now, and I have bought it yet. I'm waiting to buy it when I get my new laptop. Every time I open the minecraft server I click play offline but it still says it is version 1.3.2 when it should be a 1.4.0 or something.

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Force Update tells the game to get the latest version automatically when you next log in. It won't update if you play offline.

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You Would Need A Valid Internet Connection To Force Update. To Force Update Means For The Client To Update Its Version To The Latest Version There Is.

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Force update Get's you the newest version/update of minecraft, but it doesn 't work if you are on minecraft offline, you need to go online and after that play it should have updated.

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