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How do I do it?

I'm building a village on superflat (called Sandstone Village by the way, I already have a house for the mayor and a public storage unit), and I'm currently at work building a farm ten (10) blocks down and the same number of blocks in, and I have it a nine (9) by nine (9) block room with soil where the pistons are (yes, I'm using pistons in this, that is what the question is about), and the pistons are in place, and I have water running to move the wheat and seeds to the end so I can grab them, but I have no idea how to make all the pistons on one side move into the wheat, therefore breaking it.

Additional details - 2 years ago

I also have the torches in place the plants can grow.

Additional details - 2 years ago

If anyone could help me, please, and thanks in advance.

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There are a few popular methods for that:
First would be having the pistons hold back the water and letting the water itself break the wheat.
Second would be to have a sticky piston under each farm block push up and break the wheat.

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