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THE best strategy for finding diamonds, ever?

I need 19 more, I have no enchanted picks, and i will not enchant any yet. yes, i AM strip-mining at Adminium (bedrock) level. i just want a more effective strategy.

DragonCat1 provided additional details:

Ok...sorry, but your strategies did not quite work for me, but i have seen them work, i have the diamonds anyways, so it no longer matters

Accepted Answer

dibbion answered:

Nentendude128 is correct. Go down until you just start to see bedrock, and branch off at increments of 3. Eventually, you will be swimming in diamonds. It does work. I should know, because I did it and I got a few diamonds. Another note, make sure not to go in too deep.
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Nintendude128 answered:

Diamonds spawn mostly below Y=16. Lava mostly keeps below Y=10. No need then to go down to bedrock, unless you're confined to the area. Keeping above Y10 will save you the hassle of mining Obsidian out. Branch mining with three spaces between each branch seems to work well, as it will only miss one-wide veins. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can dig two up or down and offset the branches by two spaces.
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