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Eyes of HeroBrine? (read first)

For some purpose,(suffice it to say that i will not be creating fake Herobrine vids)for my skin, i need to acquire HeroBrine's glowing-eye effect, please state any guesses!

DragonCat1 provided additional details:

Sorry-i'm not trying to be rude, i only care how i might be able to do it, i just need something like the endermen eyes, just that the eyes MUST NOT be affected by the light level, thats all, as i said before, ANY ideas are accepted!

DragonCat1 provided additional details:

And what is with the 413?


Nintendude128 answered:

Going by the original myth, Herobrine's eyes are simply colored white and do not glow. Though there may be a mod or mod possibility for it, there is no way to have a glowing skin in vanilla Minecraft.

Also, my guess is 413.
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dagamerbos1045 answered:

They don't glow but they are white. There is a mod for him but in real
minecraft he is removed
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LOSTsilver answered:

In some pastas here and there, his eyes are reported to glow in the
dark, i wish it was possible.

Also: Nintendude is right, the answer is 413.
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