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How do I keep a stair block on this building I'm building from curving with a stair block on a building I already built?

The question is pretty much self-explanatory. I'm trying to build a building, and I'm up at the roof, but the problem is that I have a building right next door to the build in progress. It's using the same "slats" as the structure next door. I do NOT want the "slats" on my in-progress build to curve with the "slats" on the build next door. I don't know how to prevent this from happening, and youtube failed me in my time of need, so I'm again approaching GameFAQs. Thanks in advance.

gamemaster447 asked for clarification:

what material are the Stairs?

dibbion provided additional details:

I'm transferring this to scenario talk. So, I have a set of wooden stairs, and I have a complete building next to the work in progress. I need both stairs in place, but I don't want the stair on the work in progress to curve into the stairs in question. How would I prevent this?

DragonCat1 asked for clarification:

Stairs curve?


youbooyouboo answered:

I am pretty sure that if the stair is in a corner of two blocks, it will do that. So if you could take out the block next to it, the stair will not go toward the middle and act normal.
Hopefully that worked for you.
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