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Help with 2 questions?

I have 2 questions, the first; what does 'advance, open GL' do/mean?
question 2;what is up with these desert oasis/well thingys!?!?!

DragonCat1 provided additional details:

Thanks for the answer for question 2! ; gamemaster447

Accepted Answer

DragonCat1 answered:

Ok, i FINALY found the answers
1;I STILL have no clue what GL means, but i have figured out that all it does is it does not render chunks that you can't see
2; gamemaster447's answer is correct
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gamemaster447 answered:

1: I dont know either

2: they are just randomly generated, and have no meaning other than to give you a temporary water source
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gamemaster447 answered:

Hey if this doesnt help then idk, and has everything you need to know about minecraft
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