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If i update...?

...From 1.2.5 to 1.4.6, will i need to create a new world for the stuff that has been added in-between those 2 versions to appear, like the emerald ore, the cheats, the wither skeletons, and such?

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But will i need a new world to have cheats enabled? or will they automatically enabled on my existing worlds

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Save editor?

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Is that a plugin/mod?

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Ok, what happened was that we updated (Yay!) and my creative worlds had cheats, but no others had them auto-enabled, so my current question is, what happens if i hit re-create?


MC_BatCommander answered:

No. Simply generate new chunks in your old world and they will have the new content in them.
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lavarathan answered:

For the cheats you will need to use a save editor. The cheats are only enabled when you select it from the beginning unfortunately as far as I remember.
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lavarathan answered:


Here is a good thread on the MC Forums about doing this:
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SkywardSword100 answered:

On worlds generated between 1.1 and 1.2.5 going to 1.3.1+, cheats automatically enable.
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