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Why it doesnt work?

I update the game by winRAR and it worked from 1.6.6 to 1.2.5 and ten i tried to update to 1.3.2 and when i create a world ir crashes and i updated top 1.4.7 and it crashes when i press E or when i pause and i downgraded the game
to1.2.5 and it works fine. What happens is when i use winRAR ir tells me about an "aux.class" and says top replace
ir and i say yes but it tells me that it was an error. What i'm supposed too do download1.3first and then download 1.3.2
cause if i suppose top do that can u show me what link am i suppose to go

Nintendude128 asked for clarification:

If you're trying to update your game, you shouldn't need Winrar. Have you tried Force Update from the launcher Options?

FAQquestonist67 provided additional details:

Hi im the guy that asked this. Ok i tried force update but it doesnt work thats why i use winRAR it only works with that why i asked all this so please help me


lavarathan answered:

What exactly are you trying to update, Minecraft or a mod? As said in the other answer you do not need WinRAR to update or downgrade to a patch in vanilla. Force update gets you to the latest patch and then you just replace the minecraft.jar with an older minecraft.jar found at or the

I suggest trying either MCNostalgia or MultiMC. MCNostaligia replaces your minecraft.jar file to any older patch for you. MultiMC has MCNostalgia built in and enables you to have multiple installs and multiple patches.

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