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Asked: 3 years ago

Computer is being weird about minecraft classic?

okay so i'm trying to play minecraft classic and my computer will restore it twice until it says that " Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem" does anyone know what I should do to make it work?

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From: Kirne 3 years ago

I use Firefox and Chrome, and they work great.

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Why not try another Browser?

Such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari?

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Haven't used Explorer. Never will, But Firefox seems the best for playing Minecraft.

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Internet Explorer is not a good Browser. Try Goggle Chrome (it fails to load sometimes but it's rare).

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I'm very sorry i meant Google not goggle.

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Try using Firefox. Or maybe get better Java.

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Try clearing the java cache or get a nother browser

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Try installing Java 7 JRE BETA.

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Don't use Explorer. It ends up screwing up your computer. Use Chrome, it works much better.

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