Question from RedHoundXIII

Asked: 3 years ago

Can I load a mine file save through Minecraft beta?

I created some buildings when I played Minecraft for free on his site and was wondering if I can transfer those saves to Minecraft Beta, is there any way of doing this or are my creations lost forever =(

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From: smestad1 3 years ago

YES, you can....obviously these guys haven't googled around enough. Just google for a should convert the .mine file to the old minecraft beta mapfile...and then when you launch minecraft, you can convert to the newest format.

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Unfortunately, the .mine save file format for Minecraft Classic is not supported by Beta. Your creations, however, are NOT lost forever, for you can still play Minecraft Classic on a web browser even if you are a premium member. You also might want to back up all of your creations onto your hard drive; you never know when a conversion tool could be released :D

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A bit late, I know. but you can use MCEdit and import the .mine as a schematic and it will place the .mine world into the new one.

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