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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you set your spawn point in SMP? (as a OP/Admin)

I'm a admin of my own server and would like to know how to set spawn points.

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From: XXGameboy 3 years ago

I think you would need Hmod? Thats what they called when in Alpha..but now its called Bukkit.Install this mod into your Minecraft Server,then get on your server and /setspawn at which place you wanted your spawn to be.

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/Warp set (name of warp)

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I'm pretty sure you'll need a plugin for the commands. And no link is wrong, thats setting a warp point. If you have the right plugin it should be /setspawn.

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/sethome or /home set, IIRC.

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It's simple, don't worry. There are multiple pluggins, not all of which I am familiar or friendly with. Some of the plugins are HMod, Bukkit, some people also make their own versions which don't work well, and than there is the default commands list.

Bukkit- /sethome or /set home
Default- /setspawn

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