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Asked: 3 years ago

Using texture packs?

I just downloaded my 1st texture pack and was wondering how it works and how i put it into my minecraft thanks in advance :)

Additional details - 3 years ago

Im using a Mac does that change anything (its a laptop if that also matters)

Accepted Answer

From: RDRplayer 3 years ago

To change texture packs on a mac create a folder, name it something that will remind you that you have minecraft in it place mineraft in it now open the texture pack and drag the folders named armor, items, gui, etc. into the folder with minecraft in it, this will make those folders the default look of minecraft, if the texture pack is not full, for example it only changes items blocks and the way minecraft looks but not armor, the armor will be default (its an example)

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To put the texture pack into your minecraft, open your clien and click "mods and texture packs" then click the button "show texture pack path". It will open a folder in the minecraft appdata. This is the folder you want to place the zip file the texture pack comes in. The simply enable, and enjoy.

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