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Asked: 3 years ago

Trapped in the Nether?

If your Nether portal breaks and you lose your diamond pickaxe, do you get stuck in the Nether forever?

Accepted Answer

From: Gargos96 3 years ago

Anytime you go to the Nether, bring some flint and steel with you. if you don't have any and your portal is closed, a ghast can reignite it by throwing a fireball into it. if you were to somehow lose a piece of obsidian, then you wouldn't be able to get back, unless you happened to have extra obsidian with you.

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Submitted Answers


No. When you die in the Nether you are returned to your spawn in the normal world. So if you were to ever find yourself "stuck" in the Nether all you need to do is die.

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I'm pretty sure I read somewhere you can get a ghast to reignite your portal, unless if your portal was instead broken with the obsidian part.

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You can use the flint and steel to reignite the portal if it gets put out.

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