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Asked: 3 years ago

Alpha vs Beta?

So, everytime I play Minecraft with my friend, he begins to tell me that I would need to buy the game again. Why? I have the Beta. He says; those who bought the Alpha version will have the game when it comes out. Those who have the Beta, will have to buy it again.

However, I went on the Minecraft forums and posted the same question. The people there said: If you have Beta, you will have the game. If you bought the Alpha you will have the game and free DLC that comes out later for the game.

Which do I believe?

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So, Beta will need to pay for said updates?

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I'm still confused. So, either way you don't have to pay for the game again?

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I'm still not getting a straight answer here... My question is do you or do you not have to pay for the game again with either Alpha or Beta?

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From: CaRmAgE 3 years ago

@other posters: all your info about DLC is not answering his question. I believe he is asking whether he would have to pay the full 20 euros (or the difference) in order to upgrade to the full release.

Here is the answer straight from

"Once you've bought the game, it's yours. No DRM."

So, no. You do not have to pay for the game again.

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Your friend is wrong if you buy it anytime before it is fully developed you get all updates for free. I don't know why your friend thinks that......

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@Above poster Not quite, you see that text and promise was removed during the Alpha Beta switch and you'll still get the full game (Will be considered "released" on 11.11.11 THEN you have to pay for updates) I hope this helps! ; D

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SSaiyanjake is right (i hope I spelt that right its kinda small) you dont need to purchase any updates until 11.11.11

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All bug fixes and stuff are going to be free no matte what version you bought. And what many people miss is that you don't HAVE to pay for additional content like add-on's or DLC's. You MAY have to pay for them. Hell, Notch might release 5 for free and charge two bucks for the next 2 then release another 10 for free

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