Question from saitaria

Asked: 3 years ago

How do i get minecart achievement?

I've traveled to the ends of the earth on a minecart but i still dont have the achievement. i just want to know what im doing wrong or if anyone can give me a tip.

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From: Arc3us 3 years ago

You have to travel 1000 blocks away from the point where u got on the mine cart with out getting out.

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As Arc3us said, you have to go a full 1000 blocks away from the start point, preferably in a straight line to make it easier to count, and easier on your mind.

Of all the achievements, this is probably the hardest to do.

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I'd recommend doing this on a server where you have the ability to spawn items, because it takes 350+ iron ingots to make that many rails plus however much gold to make powered tracks. It also helps, as DL_C said to do this in a straight line.

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It's a hard achievement to earn. It's best to use INVedit to do this. Return to your spawn point and make a track 1000 blocks away from it. Travel the full distance without getting out of the minecart to get the achievement.

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