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Asked: 3 years ago

Starting my minecraft multiplayer server from my phone?

Okay, every now and then I come to a situation where one of my buds wants to get on my server and I'm not home to start it up. Is there a way that I can start my server from my phone? I have a Droid Thunderbolt. Maybe there's an app? I tried google and I usually find what I'm looking for but I didn't this time.

Thanks if you can help :)

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From: gamemaster2200 3 years ago

Well you could setup remote desktop for your computer, and use a remote desktop app on your phone.

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Can not start from phone. Your only option is to start it first then leave it on all day so your buddy can get on.

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Until Notch fully implements Minecraft on the Android and AppStore, you cannot start a server on your phone.

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Remote desktop is best in this case for now.

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Notch still needs to make that son.

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You have to program for your computer to launch the server upon receiving a prompt from you phone. i know this is possible i am unsure how to do it though.

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