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Asked: 3 years ago

how do i get modS?

donT know how.

Additional details - 3 years ago

im pretty sure that the acer is a pc so pc RDRplayer.

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Ill tell you everything you need to know but first I must know are you on PC, Mac, or Linux?

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Use this site:

People put texture packs, mods, and other stuff here ALL the time.

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Google one stop mod shop but the creeperthereeper hasn't updated the his topic but the mods are.

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Try the forums that the players hang out in, , they have an entire section in the forums proper devoted to mods.

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You could download the yogbox search it on google and it has about 20 mods on it. Just unzip the folder and run the 'Yogbox Installer' inside the folder then you can choose which mods you want, this includes 'Mo Creatures, Millienaires, israpheal, baby animals, and a load more.

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Do this: go to a minecraft download site for mods n such choose mod u want 2 download follow the directions to download the mod n u have a nu mod 4 minecraft

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1. Go to
2. Search Forge
3. Click the first link
4. Find anything between 1.7.2 downloads
5. Click Installer beside the one you want to install
6. Wait 5 seconds, then press Skip Ad
7. If it says This Folder Can Harm Your Computer, click keep
8. Right-click the .jar file, and click Copy
9. Move the copied .jar file to AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > mods
10. If you dont have a mods folder for some reason, create a new folder named mods
11. Move the copied .jar file into the mods folder

And your set!

And if you want to look for mods, best place is or

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