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Multiplayer Chat Problem? ~Allows Commands, but not chat~

I've been playing MC for a while now. I've been chatting to all my friends on there if they don't own a Skype account, but after I installed the CJB Mod (Or whatever the 3 letters are, I forgot), I was still able to chat, but after one of my friends left, I noticed that I couldn't send my msgs. I can send private msgs and broadcast, but when I just want to say something like "Hey what should I build on the boat?" and I press enter to send, it doesn't pop back up to show everyone can see it. And none of my friends have seen my txt either unless I pm them or broadcast it. Can someone help me?

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But even on my grandma's laptop(which doesn't have any mods or even texture packs) the chat doesn't work. Also, the lag isn't too bad on our server. And I am not using any mods for NPCs. On the CJB mod, you can fly, have x-ray vision, spawn items(Which I don't need because of my Toomanyitems mod), etc. It doesn't spawn any NPCs or anything. The only mods I own are the TooManyItems and CJB.

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From: Monstermash13 3 years ago

Just realized. I am an idiot. I somehow accidentally muted myself...thanks for the help anyway!

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I would say that either the Multiplayer server you are on has major chat lag, or that the CJB (I think you mean NPC) mod you installed is screwing with your multiplayer server. I suggest that you uninstall the NPC mod, and that should let you chat. Also, could you please specify if you are using the Millenaire NPC village mod, or another NPC mod?

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