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Asked: 3 years ago

"Can't connect to"?

I want to play Minecraft (duh). But, the only thing from keeping me from doing that is connecting to I have bought the game, I've redownloaded it, deleted everything from the bin (for screw up mods, per se) etc. All it says is, "Can't connect to" then below, "(Not downloaded)"

What's going on?

Additional details - 3 years ago

How does one fix this?

Accepted Answer

From: Trisaer 3 years ago

This is a reoccuring problem if cannot be accessed, sometimes does go down due to overflow.

Consider that you sign in using
Consider that you log onto minecraft servers using
Consider that you update profiles with
along with many other things.

It might be just lag.

However worst case scenario I recommend you check if you can go to using your browser. If you can then there is an issue with your username (as long as the problem continues 24 hours afterward)

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Maybe your anti-virus program filtered some things from the Minecraft.jar files.

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