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How do you create a private server?

Hi i want to play with my friend on minecraft and i want to know how to make a private server for me and a couple of other friends.

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Won't work it says connection can not be reached

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First link under Multiplayer at
Run that, then connect to the host computer's IP/port, or localhost if on the same comp.

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look up how to port foward on youtube... if you dont know your admin stuff dont type in a username and try puttin admin in as the password... once you port fowarded then you can set up your server and only give the IP to your friends (You must have the minecraft server.exe or .jar running for them to play

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When you make a server, go into server propites and put ture next to whitelist. Then goto the whilist TXT and type in the people you wand to be alowed on the server (incuding you). Or if you and your friend(s) are conneted to the same router, you can make a LAN server bu going to the menu, pressing "open to LAN" and then press "start LAN"

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