Question from tigerhawk100

Asked: 2 years ago

Mod Crash?

I recently installed a mod for minecraft and whenever i load the game it crashes,now I went on the wiki for it and followed the instructions, saying to delete the mine craft folder and then install it again, but when I install the mod again it still crashes, what do I do?

Additional details - 2 years ago

yes I made sure I deleted Meta-Inf in Minecraft.Jar (twice as a matter of fact (both times)).

Accepted Answer

From: Locke_54 2 years ago

well the only issues i know of are these

1. this is probably ur case is that in ur minecraft.jar file there should be a folder inside called META-INF, if u still have that file delete it and ur mod would work

2. the mod u downloaded isnt compatible with ur minecraft verson.

i hope this helps

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Did you delete META-INF from your minecraft.jar?

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Are you sure you didn't already have a copy of that mod in you mods folder to begin with?

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